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Johnny Bucket Sr and Johnny Plow Sr for
John Deere Large Garden Tractors with Auxiliary Hydraulic Ports

Features & Benefits:

  • The "Johnny Bucket Sr." installs in minutes. Just slip over and engage the four pins onto the tractors receiver, couple the four hydraulic hoses and you're ready to go hauling.

  • John Deere's Quick Hitch Not required.  The JBSr has it's own self contained lifting hitch that attaches directly to the tractor's frame, so there is no need to own one. Note: If you own one, we don't offer a special JBSr that will attach the John Deere quick hitch.

  • Leave it on!! Can be left on since the Johnny Bucket Sr. doesn't interfere with the mowing deck or it's lift system. Note: The deck must be removed on the 430

  • Self Contained Lift Has it's own dedicated lifting ram for increased lifting capacity and down pressure for scraping.
    JBSRDownP.jpg (68766 bytes)

  • Practically Eliminates The Wheelbarrow. Instead of filling the wheel barrow by hand and then having to maneuver up and around treacherous terrain, the Johnny Bucket Sr. will scoop and transport any material without, YOU THE USER, ever leaving your seat. Now, you can tackle those big weekend landscaping projects in a fraction of the time and effort.
    IMG_0702.JPG (144786 bytes)

  • Easy Dumping and Resetting. Since Johnny Bucket Sr. is full hydraulic, it can be gradually dumped by a push of the lever.

  • Can Be Used As A Dozer Blade. When in the dump position, the bucket can be used for pushing, leveling, back dragging and scraping.

Sold In Black Only
Tooth bar not included as shown

IMG_0707.JPG (188390 bytes)IMG_0713.JPG (147391 bytes)IMG_0703.JPG (169414 bytes)
IMG_0712.JPG (164192 bytes)IMG_0706.JPG (176756 bytes)IMG_0711.JPG (188277 bytes)
 JBSr Movie
Sold In Black Only
Tooth bar not included as shown


Bucket Specifications:

  • Width: 44" for all models.

  • Overall Width: 50"

  • Height: 14.75"

  • Depth: 14"

  • Over Travel: 3" below level ground.

  • Approximate Capacity: 3.5 cubic feet.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400-500 lbs. AAAA0002.JPG (259842 bytes)

  • Interface: Direct connection to the tractor's frame 

  • Weight: approximately. 175 lbs

  • Color, Black Powder Coat Only
    Please don't ask about getting it in yellow.


  • Two available hydraulic circuits. One for lift and one for dump

  • Mower deck lockout valve. See note below.


Optional Johnny Plow Sr Accessory


Will Fit Models:
  • Will Fit 300 Type Models: 120, 140, 300, 312, 314, 316, 317, 318, 322, 330 and 332  

  • Note: If your tractor doesn't have two hydraulic circuits up front (4 quick couplers), we offer a electric linear actuator dumped Sr for the same price as the hydraulic dumped model.

  • OR

  • Note: If your tractor doesn't have two hydraulic circuits up front (4 quick couplers). One for lift and one for dump, we recommend contacting a company called Auxiliary Hydraulics They offer auxiliary hydraulic circuit kits and lockout valves that are designed to fit all the John Deere's we offer JBSr's for.

  • Will Fit 400 / X400 Type Models: 400, 420, 425, 430*, 445, 455, X465, X475, x485, X495  and any AWS All Wheel Steer

FRONT IMPLEMENT MOUNTING EXTENSION : MODEL BM16360 Is not provided by Johnny Products.
This BM16360 adaptor hitch can be purchased online from  or by phone 636 433-5219

  • Will Fit X500 Type Models: X575, x585 and X595 only. This does not include the X500's made from 2007 and up and any AWS All Wheel Steer

  • Will Fit X700 Type Models: X700, X710 X720, X720SE, X724, X728, X728SE, X729, X730, X734, X738, X739, X740, X744, X748, X748SE, X749, X750, X754, X758 and any AWS All Wheel Steer

Note: All Models On some models you will need a mower lift cylinder lockout valve to restrict the movement of this cylinder, Not provided by Johnny Products. We recommend contacting a company called Auxiliary Hydraulics They offer auxiliary hydraulic circuit kits and lockout valves that are designed to fit all the John Deere's we offer JBSr's for.

For this accessory you can order them from your local John Deere dealer.

120, 140 and 300 series lockout
 JD300LockoutKit.jpeg (53200 bytes)
425, 445 and 455 lockout
X series lockout
 JDX Lockout front.jpg (68162 bytes)JDX Lockout back.jpg (85381 bytes)
  Pricing Summary
not including accessories
Johnny Bucket System Johnny Plow System     Johnny Plow as an Accessory Shipping Total  
  Johnny Bucket Sr System $1,599.95         $135 $1,734.95  
  Johnny Plow Sr System   $1399.95       $90 $1,489.95  
  JBSr System + Plow Accessory $1,599.95       $825.00 $225 $2,649.95  




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All prices are subject to change without notice and does not include taxes if you're a WI resident.

All Johnny Products carry a one year warranty

UPS Ground, Alaska, Canadian and Hawaii orders for Johnny Bucket / Plow shipping could be $150 - $500.. Ask for a quote only if needed.
Additional shipping charges for non mainland USA and international will be added after this purchase.
These extra charges do not include international COD charges such as brokerage fees, providence taxes etc...
Save money and do a boarder pickup

Note: AZ, CA, FL, ID, NV, OR, UT, TX and WA states will be charged an extra 18% shipping surcharge (FOR EXAMPLE....   Shipping $$  X 18%= shipping & surcharge total).

All major products are custom built to order.
Please allow 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship......
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Remember...."The Early Bird Gets The Worm"... Buy ASAP and plan your projects accordingly.

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Select Bucket, Plow or Both


Johnny Bucket Sr   System $1599.95 + $135 shipping  More Information          



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Johnny Plow Sr  60" System $1399.95 + $90 shipping More Information  





Both Johnny Bucket Sr  System
$1599.95 + $135 shipping and  60" Johnny Plow Sr  Accessory  $825.00 + $90 shipping More Information



John Deere Suitcase Weights

Note: Rear weight bracket needed for most models. Weight scan also be attached to the front of newer machines without a bracket

Purchase Suitcase Weights: Purchase from Home Depot and get free shipping to your home.

  SUITCASE WEIGHT  Model # BG20029




Johnny Bucket Sr. Accessories
Add To Cart As Needed

DO NOT Purchase  from this page if you ALREADY OWN a Johnny Bucket or Plow.
Existing customers must order from the accessories page at this link. Sr accessories

  Manufacturing RUSH -Add  $250
Will ship out in a week or less**.

Note:(1.If orders are submitted around the holidays they might slightly exceed one week.. 2.If you ordered large combo packages such as a Bucket and a Plow with many extras such as a sleeve hitch, this order may also be delayed slightly. In the case of a combo order, we will ship the most season dependant option first to help you meet your needs.)

Super Dig / Haul & Lube Package
Johnny Bucket Items most often bought together

  + SrDoubler 002-1.jpg (70320 bytes) + IMG_0081.JPG (27413 bytes) +  Free     - Add  $420  free shipping with JBJr purchase
Super D,H&L Package includes Toothbar, Bucket Doubler, Caddy Arms and a Free 11.75 oz can of Fluid Film

  Tooth Bar - Add  $220  free shipping with JBSr purchase
Great for digging and loosening up compacted soil

  SrDoubler 002-1.jpg (70320 bytes) Bucket Doubler -Add  $135  free shipping with JBSr purchase
Doubles the volume of the bucket for light bulky material like mulch and snow. (does not double weight capacity)

  IMG_0081.JPG (27413 bytes) Caddy Arms - Add  $65  free shipping with JBSr purchase 
*  Great for hauling long items such as logs, lumber, piles of brush, etc... 
*  When in full dump position arms point downward so material sides right off
*  Doesn't interfere with any other attachment and detaches easily with quick pins.

 Dethatcher-3small.jpg (15756 bytes) Lawn Dethacher - Add  $165  free shipping with JBSr purchase
Great for cleaning dead grass from your lawn and attaches with two bolts just like the tooth bar

jbjrshoe 004.jpg (54551 bytes) Snow Shoe - Add  $105  free shipping with JBSr purchase
Protects Bucket's cutting edge when using bucket as a snow plow

Tires and Chains Page


Fluid Film
A Must for all Lawn & Garden Equipment and More

  Fluid Film 11.75oz. Aerosol Add  $9.99 (Free Shipping*) Great all around non toxic lubricant and rust prevention on mower decks and especially winter attachments.  *Free shipping with major product purchases.  Fluid Film FAQ's  

Mower Deck and Lawn Heath
One area health that should be checked regularly is under the decks of mowers. When dirt and debris (lawn clippings, etc.) build-up and aren’t removed they can quickly corrode the deck, shorten the life of the bearings in the spindles and also contribute to lawn disease. FLUID FILM can be applied over a damp surface and will leave a non-drying film, cutting off all oxygen from the surface and creating a barrier of protection that prevents all corrosion from occurring. Because of its non-drying characteristics, FLUID FILM also works as a release agent, helping to keep grass and debris from sticking, making clean-up a breeze. FLUID FILM also shines up metals and plastics, keeping equipment appearance sharp and professional. Fluid Film FAQ's  

Sticky Throttle/Choke Cables and all Linkages
Cables and linkages quite often become sticky and with just a few shots of FLUID FILM, they will un-stick and remain free as FLUID FILM doesn't dry up as other leading lubricants do. Fluid Film FAQ's  

Battery Terminals and all other electrical connections
Battery terminals often corrode and loose their connections. Clean any corrosion first and spray directly onto or into terminals. Because FLUID FILM doesn't dry up and is non-conductive, it blocks the air and moisture from reaching the connections thus keeping corrosion away. Fluid Film FAQ's  

Snow Plows and Snow Blowers
FLUID FILM makes a great non- stick surface on snow plows and snowblower chutes. From personal experience, spraying FLUID FILM in the rotating base joint of the snowblower chute, it will never bind from rust again. Fluid Film FAQ's 

From a Fluid Film customer "I wouldn’t trust anything other than FLUID FILM to protect my mowers and vehicles. It protects my trucks, trailers, and lawn mowers from rust and corrosion. I also love to use it as a lubricant in my leaf vacuum, on my garage door rollers, on the snow plow and snow blowers, or anything else that has moving parts. It works great to protect the underside of my mowers and greatly reduces grass buildup! The best part is that it is non-toxic so it does not hurt plant material when I use it on my mowers, hedge trimmers, etc."


Johnny Plow Accessories
Add To Cart As Needed

 Plow Edge Markers - Add $22..00/ Pair

48" Plastic Wear Bar - Add $35.00  (Single sided) Great for brick paver and ornamental concrete driveways.

48" and 60" Urethane Wear Bar - Add $80.00  (Double sided) Great for brick paver and ornamental concrete driveways. (Double sided = When one side wears out, just flip over)

Plow End Shield - Add $45.00

 Rubber Blade Flap - Add $26.00 Keeps the snow from flying in your face.


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