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Johnny Products
Universal Electric Sleeve Hitch for Quality Lawn & Garden Tractors



  • Capacity. 350 lbs at the hitch pin.

  • Range of Powered Motion. 7" from the bottom most position to the to most position at the hitch pin. Note: While in float, the range is in excess 7".

  • Lifted Height, Typical Install. 13" at the top of the hitch.

  • Midpoint Height, Typical Install. 9" at the top of the hitch with the hitch parallel to the ground.

  • Lowered Height, Typical Install. 6" at the top of the hitch.


  • Comes complete with everything you need. You supply the tractor and attachments. We supply the rest.

           IMG_0092.JPG (63892 bytes)

  • Setup is a Snap. Bolts directly to your trailer tongue and the two upper supplied brackets attach to each side of your tractor's frame



Installation of the upper brackets will require you to cut them to the necessary length and to drill holes in the brackets and through the tractor's frame if there are no open frame holes present. See our example below. 

The sleeve hitch outside width is 13" and Inside width 12-1/2" This width may not match the width of your tractors frame. In this case the upper brackets can be offset outward or inward with washers or by other means to match the tractor's frame width to ultimately achieve a solid mounting.

Customer mounting ideas

IMG_0079.JPG (144628 bytes)IMG_0080.JPG (117817 bytes)

Uni sleeve on a Simplicity lawn tractor

Uni sleeve on a Cub Cadet GT3000

Uni sleeve on a Cub Cadet wide frame


  • Control Switch We include a wiring harness and a toggle switch that can be mounted into your dash. The example below shows were we placed them for a Johnny Bucket installation.
    wpe59.jpg (10183 bytes)

  • Removable Main hitch can be removed when not needed by just releasing  two latches and one pin. as seen below.
    IMG_0086.JPG (117665 bytes)
    IMG_0089.JPG (169582 bytes)IMG_0090.JPG (163957 bytes)

  • Built in Tongue Since we used the tractor's tongue to attach the lower hitch, we integrated a new one in so you could still tow a trailer is needed and even made the hole large enough for a 3/4" shank trailer ball.
    IMG_0087.JPG (99472 bytes)

  • Has two lift control settings Can be setup to lock in any position and even have the ability to apply down pressure or can be setup to float if you just want the weight of the attachment to do the work and allow it to ride up and down as the terrain changes.

        IMG_0950.JPG (122605 bytes)

  • Stability control system Comes complete with stabilizer plate and adjusting bolts to limit side to side motion of your attachment.

     StablizerPlate.jpg (24164 bytes)

  • Use any Sleeve Hitch Attachment. Now you can use any sleeve hitch type attachment with it, such as a single bottom plow, box scraper, rake... etc.

  • Increase Quality Tractor Time. Many of you are lawn and garden tractor collectors. We just don't seem to get enough quality time using these great old machines. Now you and your tractor have another excuse for having fun while working.


  • Sleeve Hitch Receiver. ANSI One Point Standard Type

  • Color, Black Powder Coat:   

Will Fit Models:

Will fit any model Lawn or Garden tractor that is capable of handling the stresses of pulling rear attachments and there associated weight loads. 

Common Questions and Answers

Can the Uni Sleeve be adapted to fit my machine? Yes it can be adapted to fit your machine with reconfiguring the supplied side straps.

Do you have a dedicated sleeve for my machine? If we do you would see it listed.

The customer accepts full responsibility of any damages that may occur due to a inadequate tractor frame strength, miss use or improper installation.


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Universal Electric Sleeve Hitch for Lawn and Garden Tractors
 $625  +  $50 for Shipping and Handling.

UPS Ground, Alaska, Canadian and Hawaii orders for Johnny Bucket / Plow shipping could be $150 - $500.. Ask for a quote only if needed.
Additional shipping charges for non mainland USA and international will be added after this purchase.
These extra charges do not include international COD charges such as brokerage fees, providence taxes etc...
Save money and do a boarder pickup

Note: AZ, CA, FL, ID, NV, OR, UT, TX and WA states will be charged an extra 25% shipping surcharge (FOR EXAMPLE....   Shipping $$  X 25%= shipping & surcharge total).

All major products are custom built to order.
Please allow 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship, 3-4 weeks till we ship......
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Remember...."The Early Bird Gets The Worm"... Buy ASAP and plan your projects accordingly.

Tractor Make?
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4X Multi Suitcase Pinned Weight Receiver - Add  $85  free shipping with sleeve hitch purchase
Built to handle up to four 42 lb  John Deere suitcase weights. Unique design keeps them from sliding side to side.

2X Suitcase Sleeve Weight Brackets -Add  $55  free shipping with sleeve hitch purchase
Suitcase receiver brackets bolt onto our sleeve hitches and allow you to have two 42 lb  John Deere suitcase weights and not have it interfere with sleeve tools. No drilling required if sleeve hitch if sleeve hitch is produced after 4-15-08

4X Multi Suitcase Bolt-On Weight Bracket - Add  $50  free shipping with hitch purchase
Built to handle up to four 42 lb  John Deere suitcase weights. Unique design keeps weights from sliding side to side.
Note: CANNOT BE USED AT THE SAME TIME AS THE SLEEVE HITCH. This bracket is intended to convert your UNI Sleeve hitch to a UNI Weight hitch for winter use etc..

Uni Weight Pail Bracket - Add  $75  free shipping with hitch purchase
Built to handle a STD 5gal pail for added weight or for carrying gardening tools (pail and main hitch bracket not included as shown).
Note: CANNOT BE USED AT THE SAME TIME AS THE SLEEVE HITCH. This bracket is intended to convert your UNI Sleeve hitch to a UNI Weight hitch for winter use etc..

Sleeve to 2in Receiver Hitch - Add  $40  free shipping with sleeve hitch purchase
Will accept any 2in tongue and allows you use a drop up or drop down hitch for taller trailers.
IMG_0327.JPG (193312 bytes)

Multi Tongue Hitch - Add  $40  free shipping with sleeve hitch purchase 
Tow your dump cart or ball receiver trailer all with one adaptor. Ball not includes.

John Deere Suitcase Weights

To be used with our weight brackets

Purchase Suitcase Weights: Purchase from Home Depot and get free shipping to your home.


Special Instructions


Fluid Film Lubricant / Corrosion Inhibitor & Non Toxic
A Must for all Lawn & Garden Equipment and Automotive needs
Protect Your new JP Investments With Fluid Film Products
 11.75oz. Aerosol Large Area Undercoating Combo
1 Gal FF + Refill Pump + Spray Gun + Bottle + Aerosol
1 Gallon

 Fluid Film 11.75oz. Aerosol
Add  $9.99 (Free Shipping*) Great all around non toxic lubricant and rust prevention on mower decks and especially winter attachments.  *Free shipping with major product purchases. Qty discounts availble.  Fluid Film FAQ's  

Fluid Film Large Area Undercoating Combo
Add  $119.99 (Free Shipping) Combo package is everything you need. The 1 gallon + pump allows users to easily fill and refill the included 1 pint spray bottle. 11.75 aerosol included for touchup etc.. Great for larger areas such as mower decks, plow blades and even undercoating cars and trucks.  Fluid Film FAQ's  

Fluid Film 1 Gallon
Add  $59.99 (Free Shipping) Refill for spraying combo package  Fluid Film FAQ's  

Mower Deck and Lawn Heath
One area health that should be checked regularly is under the decks of mowers. When dirt and debris (lawn clippings, etc.) build-up and aren’t removed they can quickly corrode the deck, shorten the life of the bearings in the spindles and also contribute to lawn disease. FLUID FILM can be applied over a damp surface and will leave a non-drying film, cutting off all oxygen from the surface and creating a barrier of protection that prevents all corrosion from occurring. Because of its non-drying characteristics, FLUID FILM also works as a release agent, helping to keep grass and debris from sticking, making clean-up a breeze. FLUID FILM also shines up metals and plastics, keeping equipment appearance sharp and professional. Fluid Film FAQ's  

Snow Plows and Snow Blowers
FLUID FILM makes a great non- stick surface on snow plows and snowblower chutes. From personal experience, spraying FLUID FILM in the rotating base joint of the snowblower chute, it will never bind from rust again. Fluid Film FAQ's 

Sticky Throttle/Choke Cables and all Linkages
Cables and linkages quite often become sticky and with just a few shots of FLUID FILM, they will un-stick and remain free as FLUID FILM doesn't dry up as other leading lubricants do. Fluid Film FAQ's  

Battery Terminals and all other electrical connections
Battery terminals often corrode and loose their connections. Clean any corrosion first and spray directly onto or into terminals. Because FLUID FILM doesn't dry up and is non-conductive, it blocks the air and moisture from reaching the connections thus keeping corrosion away. Fluid Film FAQ's  

Undercoating Cars and Trucks
FLUID FILM penetrates to the base metal, providing a lasting, protective barrier from the corrosive effects of salts, calcium and sodium chloride, pesticides and fertilizers. Offering an easy “no drip” application, FLUID FILM offers a cheaper and more effective alternative to the standard hard-underbody coatings. Protecting undercoatings from metal deterioration, FLUID FILM also remains soft and pliable, making it self-healing, non-drying, and impossible to crack. FLUID FILM migrates to inaccessible areas, providing up to a full year of solid protection. A gallon of material should cover approximately one vehicle. Fluid Film FAQ's 

From a Fluid Film customer "I wouldn’t trust anything other than FLUID FILM to protect my mowers and vehicles. It protects my trucks, trailers, and lawn mowers from rust and corrosion. I also love to use it as a lubricant in my leaf vacuum, on my garage door rollers, on the snow plow and snow blowers, or anything else that has moving parts. It works great to protect the underside of my mowers and greatly reduces grass buildup! The best part is that it is non-toxic so it does not hurt plant material when I use it on my mowers, hedge trimmers, etc."