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Johnny Bucket Jr and Johnny Plow Jr for
Wheelhorse / Workhorse Garden Tractors

Features & Benefits:

  • Installs in Minutes installs in minutes Just slip over front quick a tach , pin the lifting rod and you're ready to go hauling and just minutes back to mowing.

  • Down Force Pressure The JBJr has just as much down force pressure as it has lift capacity. It works great for scraping and back dragging. Down Pressure Movie

  • Practically Eliminates The Wheelbarrow.  Instead of loading the wheel barrow by hand and then having to maneuver it up and around treacherous terrain, the JBJr will scoop and transport any material without, YOU THE USER, ever leaving your seat. Now, you can tackle those big weekend landscaping projects in a fraction of the time and effort.

  • Independent Electric Lift. The Wheelhorse JBJr now includes a lifting linear actuator so even your manual lift tractor will have a power lifted JBJr with just a press of a switch. Note: You will still be required to use the electric lift JBJr even if your tractor has it's own hydraulic lift. (the factory hydraulic lift did not have enough power)
    Picture 376.jpg (170524 bytes)Picture 379.jpg (160618 bytes)
    Picture 378.jpg (173642 bytes)

  • Ease of Lifting and Dumping. The JBJr Can be easily lifted and dumped with just a press of the included toggle switches.
    JD-GTLX--JBJr 014.jpg (579212 bytes)JD LG100 JBJr w 023.jpg (168896 bytes)Picture 378.jpg (173642 bytes)

  • Can Be Used As a Dozer Blade. When in the dump position, the JBJr can be used for pushing, leveling, back dragging and scraping.

  • Need a New Tractor or Home Improvement Supplies. Save up to 20% off the purchase price of any new lawn or garden tractor or home improvement supplies from SEARS, HOME DEPOT, LOWES & TRACTOR SUPPLY CO. CLICK HERE

Sold In Black Only

JBJr W / Power Dump Lifting and Dumping

Sold In Black Only


Bucket Specifications:

  • Width: 42"

  • Height: 10"

  • Depth: 14"

  • Over Travel: 2"

  • Approximate Capacity: 2.5 cubic feet.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

  • Down Force Pressure : 200 lbs.

  • Interface: Wheelhorse's Quick-a-Tach interface
     WH-quickatach.JPG (69198 bytes) 

  • Weight: approximately. 125 lbs

  • Color,  Black only Powder Coat: 
    Please don't ask about getting it in red.

Will Fit Models:
  • Any 1972 and up C size frames with Quick-a-Tach.  Will it fit quick check? 

  • C81, C85, C100, C101, C111, C141, C145, C160, C175, C195, C120, 310, 312-8, 314H, C315, 315-8, 414-8, 416-8, 416H, 417-A, 516H, 518H, 520H, 540, 1067, 1267, New classic 300 series

  • Workhorse series GT1100, GT1142, GT1600, GT1642, GT1800, GT1848

Will Not Fit Models

520xi, There is definitely enough interest for an adapter but nobody is yet willing to lend us their tractor for a fitting? (contact us if interested)


Any bigger D size tractors; Sorry, there was never enough interest to justify the development.

Optional Johnny Plow Jr Accessory

More Information




Pricing Summary
not including accessories

JBJr Electric Lift with STD

Jr Plow
 with STD

Turbo 2X Speed Power Dump Upgrade Johnny Plow
as an
Shipping* Total * Shipping may be higher depending on your state location  
JBJr with STD Power Dump
      $90 $1489.95    
JBJr with 2x Turbo Power Dump
  $50   $90 $1539.95
Jr Plow with STD Power Angle   $1399.95     $90 $1489.95
Jr Plow with 2x Turbo Power Angle   $1399.95 $50   $90 $1539.95
JBJr + Plow with STD Power Dump / Angle $1399.95     $399.95 $140 $1939.90
JBJr + Plow with Turbo Power Dump / Angle $1399.95   $50 $399.95 $140 $1989.90

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All prices are subject to change without notice and does not include taxes if you're a WI resident.

All Johnny Products carry a one year warranty

UPS Ground, Alaska, Canadian and Hawaii orders for Johnny Bucket / Plow shipping could be $150 - $500.. Ask for a quote only if needed.
Additional shipping charges for non mainland USA and international will be added after this purchase.
These extra charges do not include international COD charges such as brokerage fees, providence taxes etc...
Save money and do a boarder pickup

Note: AZ, CA, FL, ID, NV, OR, UT, TX and WA states will be charged an extra 18% shipping surcharge (FOR EXAMPLE....   Shipping $$  X 18%= shipping & surcharge total).

All major products are custom built to order.
Please allow 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship, 2-3 weeks till we ship......
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Remember...."The Early Bird Gets The Worm"... Buy ASAP and plan your projects accordingly.

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Enter your tractor make, model and other requested information.
Tractor Model #?
                                   C81, C85, C100, C101 etc.......
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Select Bucket, Plow or Both



Johnny Bucket Jr   System STD Power Dump model $1399.95 + $90 shipping  More Information   STEP 3
Select Bucket Dump Speed and or Plow Angle Speed


Add to Cart

Johnny Plow Jr  System STD Power Angle model $1399.95 + $90 shipping More Information  

  STD Power Dump / Plow Angle Included



  TURBO 2X Speed Power Dump / Plow Angle Included Add  $50


See Turbo vs STD Power Dump Movie

Both Johnny Bucket Jr  System
STD Power
Dump model $1399.95 + $90 shipping and  48in Johnny Plow Jr  Accessory  $399.95 + $50 shipping More Information
Buy both and save $50 on the Johnny Plow Jr.

Purchase FAQ's

What does STD stand for?
STD = Standard or 1X Speed

How much faster is the 2X Turbo speed actuator?:
It's twice as fast as the STD speed actuator.
See Turbo vs STD Power Dump Movie

Does the Johnny Bucket angle?: No, plows only angle.

Is there a manual angle plow ?: No, our plows are only power angle.

If I buy both the bucket and the plow, do I get do an additional 3rd actuator to angle the plow?: No, when using the plow, you must remove the dump actuator and install it on the plow for power angle.

Can I buy only the plow without the bucket?: Yes, just select the Johnny Plow System in Step 2 which includes all the adaptors, actuators and electrical components.


Johnny Bucket Jr. Accessories for NEW customers only
Add To Cart As Needed

DO NOT Purchase
  from this page if you ALREADY OWN a Johnny Bucket or Plow.
Existing customers must order from the accessories page at this link. Jr accessories


  Manufacturing RUSH -Add  $250
We will ship out your order in one week or less**.

**Delay exceptions may apply:
If your order includes many accessories and combinations such a Bucket -Plow, Sleeve Hitch and Weight Hitch, the shipment of your order may exceed one week. In the case of  the large combo order, At our discretion we will ship the most season dependant options/accessories  first to help you meet your needs unless otherwise noted by you.

2.If orders are submitted around holidays, the shipment of your order may exceed one week..

  Tooth Bar - Add  $170  free shipping with JBJr purchase
Great for digging and loosening up compacted soil

  JBJR Bucket Doubler 002A.jpg (591666 bytes) Bucket Doubler -Add  $135  free shipping with JBJr purchase. 
Doubles the volume of the bucket for light bulky material like mulch and snow. (does not double weight capacity) Note: Latest model has 1/4" viewing slots in the back of the doubler to better see the front edge of the bucket.

 Dethatcher-3small.jpg (15756 bytes) Lawn Dethacher - Add  $165 free shipping with JBJr purchase
Great for cleaning dead grass from your lawn and attaches with two bolts just like the tooth bar

 IMG_0081.JPG (27413 bytes) Caddy Arms - Add  $60  free shipping with JBJr purchase 
*  Great for hauling long items such as logs, lumber, piles of brush, etc... 
*  When in full dump position arms point downward so material sides right off
*  Doesn't interfere with any other attachment and detaches easily with quick pins.

jbjrshoe 004.jpg (54551 bytes) Snow Shoe - Add  $85  free shipping with JBJr purchase
Protects Bucket's cutting edge when using bucket as a snow plow

  Universal 4x Front Weight Bracket -Add  $85  free shipping with JBJr purchase
Attaches directly to the front of the JBJr adaptor hitch and is designed to use with up to four of the John Deer 40# suitcase weights (not included).
Will Fit:
All Craftsman/Husqvarnas except for the 1970's Sears Suburbans
All Cub Cadets except for the 3000 series and 1960's narrow frames
All John Deeres except for the 100-L100-D100 series, 200 series
All Kubota's
Will Not Fit:
Purchase 42# Suitcase Weights: Purchase offsite from Home Depot through our store and get free shipping to your home and cash back savings.

  SUITCASE WEIGHT  Model # BG20029

Purchase Wheel Weights: Rear wheel weights for any tractor with 12" rims with bolt holes. Even though these weights are sold by Sears, they are universal and will fit many tractors. Item# 07126234000P. Note: They are only sold individually so you must buy two.
CLICK HERE to purchase offsite from Sears through our store and also get cash back savings.


 JoystickFull.jpg (109938 bytes) Joystick upgrade with adaptor harness (Power Dump models only)  Add  $75
Notes before purchasing:

  1. The joystick was made to be mounted behind a dash panel or inside the box, not floating on top of the panel by itself. (Yes, this should be obvious but it wasn't so now we have to mention it.)

  2. If you're not sure if there's enough room on or behind the dash, please get the box and play it safe so you can finish the installation easily.

  3. There are no designated places to install the joystick upgrade. This upgrade is completely up to the installer to figure out on there own. If you're not comfortable with this DIY (do it yourself) option, please don't buy it and just use the included JBJr toggle switches.

  4. If you want to mount it on the fender you will need to lengthen your own wires. Our wires were made to get you up to the dash in most cases.

  5. We wish we had examples of installations for all the models we sell for but sorry we don't. There are hundreds of ways to do it.

  6. There is more information at this link more information


 PlasticBox.JPG (62968 bytes) Plastic Enclosure for Joystick Add  $12  4-3/4" x 4-3/4" x 2-1/4" deep.
Can be mounted on the side of the dash with the 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" facing you. It could also be mounted on a fender. Note: (if mounted on the fender, you will need to lengthen the wires yourself)



Johnny Plow Accessories
Add To Cart As Needed

 Plow Edge Markers - Add $22..00/ Pair

48" Plastic Wear Bar - Add $35.00  (Single sided) Great for brick paver and ornamental concrete driveways.

48" and 60" Urethane Wear Bar - Add $80.00  (Double sided) Great for brick paver and ornamental concrete driveways. (Double sided = When one side wears out, just flip over)

Plow End Shield - Add $45.00

 Rubber Blade Flap - Add $26.00 Keeps the snow from flying in your face.


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