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Johnny Products JBJr JOYSTICK Control

For any new or old JBJr or plow with linear actuator lift and dump

Comes complete with adaptor harness



  • Only One Control Instead of having two toggle switches to control your JBJr, you can now do it with one easy to press control. 

  • Multi Axis Controllability  Customer has the ability to setup the joystick to control one actuator's direction at a time by adding a cross gate or without the cross gate, you can control two actuator's direction simultaneously.

  • Adaptor Harness Included Joystick comes with adaptor harness. Note: You must already have or purchase separately, two JBJr power and control harness assemblies to attach to the joystick adaptor harness seen below.

  • Power+ControlHarness.jpg (48409 bytes)


  • Width needed behind dash panel or box: 3-3/4"  x  3-3/4"

  • Handle length: 1-1/2"

  • Depth behind dash panel or box needed: 2-1/4"

Notes before purchasing:

  1. The joystick was made to be mounted behind a dash panel or inside the box, not floating on top of the panel by itself. (Yes, this should be obvious but it wasn't so now we have to mention it.)

  2. If you're not sure if there's enough room on or behind the dash, please get the box and play it safe so you can finish the installation easily.

  3. There are no designated places to install the joystick upgrade. This upgrade is completely up to the installer to figure out on there own. If you're not comfortable with this DIY (do it yourself) option, please don't buy it and just use the included JBJr toggle switches.

  4. If you want to mount it on the fender you will need to lengthen your own wires. Our wires were made to get you up to the dash in most cases.

  5. We wish we had examples of installations for all the models we sell for but sorry we don't. There are hundreds of ways to do it.

I want to upgrade my JBJr. toggles
JoystickFull.jpg (109938 bytes)

Joystick with adaptor harness only
If you already have a JBJr with toggle or rocker switches , this is all you need to upgrade.



I want this for my own creation
JoystickFull.jpg (109938 bytes)
Power+ControlHarness.jpg (48409 bytes)

Joystick with adaptor harness including fused power and control harnesses.
If you don't have a JBJr but want this assembly to control your own designs, This is what your need.



PlasticBox.JPG (62968 bytes)

Plastic Enclosure
4-3/4" x 4-3/4" x 2-1/4" deep
Can be mounted on the side of the dash with the 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" facing you. It could also be mounted on a fender.